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Mystery honeymoon: would you dare choose the unknown?

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

It was a trend last year and it gets more and more popular as time goes by: we’re talking about mystery honeymoon. If you think about it, our Earth offers so many destinations worth visiting that it can be hard to pick one. What if you let someone else choose for you, based on your deepest wishes and travel dreams?

Also: after months of wedding planning, don’t you feel like you deserve some rest while a mystery honeymoon agent designs the trip of a lifetime for you and your brand new spouse?

Yes, you need to take a little leap of faith – but a very exciting one!

“Are you sure we should take that leap?”

You can bet we are. There are so many good reasons to choose the unknown of a mystery honeymoon. Do you want to know just a few of them?

  1. No need to stress over the planning. You did a great job with your wedding day, now you deserve the best break ever.

  2. For the whole duration of the journey, you will feel more thrilled than a kid unwrapping his presents on Christmas day.

  3. The surprise effect and the fact that you don’t have to worry about anything will allow you to be fully present and enjoy the holiday in a way you’ve never experienced before.

  4. You will literally live a dream, which will leave you with life-long memories to cherish.

You’re really considering a surprise honeymoon right now, aren’t you? Let us show you how it will work and feel.

Mystery honeymoon: a journey for brave souls

Close your eyes and imagine.

You’ve just said “I do” to the love of your life, promising that you’ll be by his (or her) side forever. You’ve celebrated with your whole family and friends, in a day that felt like the happiest ever. But it was also hectic, and now you can’t wait to get a little rest together with your spouse.

Perhaps in a tropical island, or in a luxury loft in a big city. Or maybe in a little, secluded hut in a jungle. Or among the sand dunes of a desert? There are so many places you’d love to visit and so many things you’d like to experience. But you don’t really want to plan anything anymore, for a little while.

(Are you keeping your eyes closed?)

Now imagine that someone else, someone really experienced in turning travel dreams into reality, is planning your mystery honeymoon for you. You don’t need to move a finger: you’ll just receive a list of what you have to pack, a block of ten envelopes with specific days and times written on them, and a note about your departure day and place.

You don’t know the destination – you’re going to find out at the airport, opening the first envelope. You don’t know what adventures you’re going to embark on – you’re going to unveil them one by one as the mystery honeymoon goes on. You don’t know exactly how, but we can tell you that you’re going to have the time of your life together with the person you love the most.

It’s going to be unexpected and exciting, from the first moment to the very last one. It’s going to be epic.


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