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Multigenerational travel: all you need to know about it!

We’ve already told you all about the best honeymoon trends for 2019, but we want to do more and move to family vacations.

Speaking of those, one of the hottest trends for this year is undoubtedly multigenerational travel. What do you mean you’ve never heard of it? Let us tell you everything you need to know about it, then…

Multigenerational travel: what’s it all about?

As the name suggests, a multigenerational travel is nothing less than a holiday with 3 (or more!) generations involved. Grandparents, parents and children who travel together: this is the ultimate version of family trips!

Whether grandparents decide to pay for the trip as a gift to their grandchildren, or parents want to invite them to give thanks for their help in managing the kids, statistics are clear: multigenerational travel is rapidly growing over the recent years. In fact, apparently in the last 12 months around 40% of travelers went on a multi-gen trip!

3 good reasons to go on a multigenerational travel

There are many different reasons why a family could decide to embark on a multi-gen holiday. Some of them are more common than others, and they could inspire you to take the leap and try this adventure with your loved ones!

1. Celebrate a family milestone event

This is the main reason why people go on multigenerational vacations. It could be a destination wedding, a significant birthday, an anniversary or even a retirement: basically, any of them sounds like the perfect excuse to celebrate in a really unforgettable way!

2. Share experiences

By now, we all agree on the fact that experiences are worth more than objects. So why not investing in something extraordinary like a multi-gen travel? It will make all of you way happier compared to a material gift!

3. Build memories

As much as we’d like our parents or grandparents to be forever lively and healthy, reality is different. The best thing to do is thus to seize the day and enjoy a special journey where you’ll be able to spend valuable and precious time together.

So what’s your pretext to pack up and leave?

Where to go on your next multi-gen travel

The choice of the destination for a multigenerational travel depends on different variables – first of which are your budget and the age of the participants. You also have to make sure that they offer activities that can integrate all the family members so that everyone has fun.

This said, some destinations are generally more “family friendly” than others, so they can make a perfect scenario for your trip.

Looking for inspiration?

  1. Themed amusement parks: not very original maybe, but perfect for small kids.

  2. A farm holiday in Italy, among delicious food and breathtaking nature.

  3. A cruise, ideal for older grandparents and to relax surrounded by pristine water.

If you feel bold enough, why not opt for a surprise holiday? That would make your family trip even more epic!

Don’t limit yourself: se your imagination free  and ask for our help: you’ll have the best multigenerational travel ever!


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