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Mini moon mania: the growing trend for honeymooners

What’s a mini moon and why should you have one? What are the advantages of this solution? Why is it such a fast-growing trend? How can you get the most out of it?

This article will satisfy your curiosity and light you up, especially if you’re about to get married and you’re looking for alternative honeymoon ideas!

Mini moon: what is it?

A mini moon is like the little sister of a honeymoon: filled with romance and relax but popped into a more manageable amount of time. Imagine it as a long weekend of luxury (because who wouldn’t want to indulge in a bit of luxury on such a special occasion?) in a place that is close to home – but far enough to feel like a holiday.

It’s basically the perfect way to unwind after your wedding, if you’re short on time – or budget.

Why would you prefer this to a “regular” honeymoon, you wonder? Easy: find out all of its advantages!

The pros of a mini moon

Not only is a mini moon the ideal choice if you want to spend some quality time together with your hubby, right after the wedding – it definitely has more pros than that, compared to a honeymoon:

  1. You spend less time traveling and more time enjoying the destination, because it’s going to be close to where you live.

  2. It’s cheaper, because you’re going to stay in a luxury accommodation for a shorter number of nights.

  3. It can be a preview of your actual honeymoon, that you will maybe have later on.

  4. You won’t need to take a leave from work.

  5. You can get creative and make it unforgettable.

  6. You can bring your children and/or your dog, since it’s easier to take them on shorter holidays.

  7. You can have more than one, so that the honeymoon feeling doesn’t fade all at once!

Get the most out of your mini moon

Now you know what a mini moon is and why getting one right after your wedding is such a good idea. But how can you get the most out of it?

First of all, take the opportunity of your mini moon to visit that location you’ve always wanted to see – whether it is a modern city, a serene beach town or a picturesque hamlet in the countryside.

Secondly, make your wishes come true. Spoil yourself with the best food of your life at a starred restaurant, enjoy art and culture if you’re a museum lover, pamper yourself at a day spa with a romantic couple massage.

Third and last suggestion: your mini moon could be the ideal occasion to do something you’ve never done before! It could be anything: snorkeling, climbing, flying in a hot air balloon, taking a pottery class – whatever intrigues you and your spouse: just do it!

If you’re dreaming of a really unique mini moon, filled with all kinds of experiences you wish to have, then you should try a surprise one: contact us and we’ll design it for you!


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