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Making your first post-covid vacation one you’ll never forget

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

It’s looking like things are very slowly getting back to normal and it’s finally time to start thinking about traveling again! So now comes that beautiful moment that we’ll share... we’ll look at our world maps and go back to that feeling of exploration, and we’ll all ask ourselves the same question:

Where to next?

Holiday Travel Tips

Botswana, 2020

Where have you been dreaming of going these past months? What will you do, how will you use your next opportunity to interact with the world?

If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent a little too long dreaming about finally going out into the world again. It could be any one of those hundred different trips that you’ve thought about over the past months. It’s the feeling that we miss the most: the sensation of going on an adventure. Of being in the unknown. Of having unique experiences and of knowing that you have lived life to its fullest, with no regrets.

So what will you search for on your next vacation? A fan of urban settings visiting ultra-chic cafes by day and spending the evenings meeting new people...

And for those that hoped to reconnect with nature, it could be in a more rural setting at a slower pace, with an opportunity to tune out of daily life and to go on a regenerative journey.

Either way, no matter what you want for your first post-covid trip, you’ll want it to be a memorable one.

And is there a more memorable trip than a surprise holiday?

Us at Blind Experiences certainly don’t think so!

Imagine going on a vacation… where only 24/48 hours before your flight’s departure will you find out where you’d go. Everything has all been organized for you; all you had to do was pack and get to the airport. It could be a safari, a trip through the desert, or a chance to immerse yourself in an entirely new culture…

Mystery Vacation Planner

Or maybe Iceland? We understand, seriously. If you’ve been thinking about your next vacation recently, you’ve also likely been frantically googling which countries are open, which ones are closed, where is safe, where is not and honestly, we’re sure you already know what a never-ending rabbit hole of constant updates and stress that can be. Be honest: you’ve already been waiting WAY too long for your next vacation. You aren’t interested in keeping up to date with the latest travel news for each and every one of those potential vacations you are yet to have, you just want to go. So let’s go! Leave the tough part to us. The Blind Experiences team is full of responsible, professional travel pros, so we kinda know what we’re doing 😉 Of course, getting back to traveling after such a long time away can be a little scary for some of us, but we will safely guide you through the process without any difficulties.

A reminder on how our Blind Experiences work:

Mystery Travel Destinations

Okay, so here it is:

  1. We start with our super-fun-and-easy onboarding questionnaire. This will be our chance to get to know each other, and to find out what kind of trip you’d like. Let’s say for the sake of argument that you’ve always wanted to head to Europe... but you don’t know where to start! You don’t know the rules and regulations of each country, what to do or where to go, and the million other little things that go into planning an amazing trip...

  2. We’ll organize your flights and accommodation, your food and activities, and of course, we’ll check the latest rules and regulations. This is our job: we’re responsible for making it all perfectly safe for you and your nearest and dearest... We’ll take care of each one of those million little things that will add up to give you an astounding experience.

  3. We’ll send you a bundle of secret envelopes. This is where the magic happens: these will tell you a month in advance what to pack, where the airport is, and other vital details. Throughout your trip they will also guide you on where to go next.

  4. The day comes and you head to the airport; your first Blind Experience has officially begun!

But before we get ahead of ourselves, here’s what a Blind Experience is NOT:

  • Some pre-packaged, one size fits all brochure vacation. This is a completely customized trip just for you, based on your character. Only one person in the world can have the holiday that we craft for you.

We will work with you to give you the best, most unforgettable trips of your life. When it comes to how much involvement you’d like to have, that is up to you. Perhaps you just want to go somewhere hot, maybe you’re really into nature, or perhaps you’d like a real blind experience… Either way, we’ve got you covered. Now, we understand that you may have some questions about how exactly to navigate surprise holidays right now, especially with things the way they are in the world… which is why we prepared this handy FAQ page for you. And don’t forget that we have a flexible cancellation policy in place to ensure that your Blind Experience goes smoothly. By the way, if you were thinking of having an unforgettable romantic trip with your partner, then you’ll definitely want to check out Blind Honeymoon. However, if you were thinking of taking the kids too, then check out Blind Legacy for the ultimate family vacation. And lastly, if you want to go on a trip but you’d rather not go abroad again just yet, then Blind Escape is for you. These are our surprise in-country trips. Maximum adventure — minimal stress.

Luxury Travel Agency

P.S. Over the next several months we’re planning to do great things! So if you’re interested in staying up to date with the latest and greatest from the Blind Experiences world, then make sure you subscribe to our emails so that you don’t miss out on our offers for your next vacation: And if you have any questions or ideas, please get in touch with us. We LOVE talking travel! — The Blind Experiences Team


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