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Make the most of your money with Cryptocurrency payments at Blind Experiences.

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Bit Coin

As El Salvador announces it will be the first country in the world to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender, Surprise travel agency Blind experiences is delighted to announce it is accepting cryptocurrency payments through chosen partner

The move comes as the global pandemic has dramatically changed consumer behaviour. Not only are many more people shopping online, but potential customers are making more cautious, careful and conscious decisions. In the travel sector security and flexibility are key factors when it comes to booking a trip, with many clients wanting the very best value from their money. So with no banking fees, no currency exchange rates, and low international payment charges, from now on Blind Experiences clients can be one hundred percent sure they are making the absolute most of their money - down to every penny!

Accepting cryptocurrency transactions makes a great deal of sense to the team behind Blind Experiences. Because they accept bookings from clients around the world, it means everyone gets a much better deal by using just one currency.

Co Founder Andrea Lazzarini Viti says it’s a no-brainer:

We like to travel in a borderless world and Cryptocurrencies are key enablers for a decentralized borderless worldwide payment system, operational 24/7 without the need to rely on heavy intermediaries. This is the future of payments and Blind Experiences wants to be at the forefront of this innovation wave!”

And according to fellow co founder Fabio Prestijacopo, it’s what every forward-thinking travel company should be doing:

“We want to help and contribute to shaping the future of our industry and offering these type of payments, we believe, helps to bring transparency and better service to our customers.

Currently only a handful of travel companies offer cryptocurrency services and being one that does puts Blind Experiences at the forefront of the travel spectrum, especially when it comes to attracting younger clients.

Crypto App

Who's using cryptocurrency?

A new study of students in the UK shows just how quickly young people are adopting crypto. Out of 24,000 students surveyed*, a quarter said they currently own cryptocurrency and are convinced of it’s long-term investment value. In fact 24% of them now own some form of the digital asset, with a further third saying they intend to buy some within the next 3 months. The most popularly owned cryptocurrency currently is Bitcoin (26%), followed by Dogecoin (11%), Ethereum (10%) and Ripple (3%).

Almost half (40%) of those surveyed believe that cryptocurrency will replace traditional currency within the next 10 years and 43% think retailers should offer the option to pay with cryptocurrency.

In addition to El Salvador’s move on Bitcoin, globally there are many signs that Crypto is going mainstream. In the US with about 46 million Americans owning at least a share of Bitcoin - that equals about 17% of the adult population.

And despite sea-sawing values based on what Donald Trump and Elon Musk have to say about Bitcoin, it seems that cryptocurrencies as a way of investing and making payments are here to stay.

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Why use crypto in the future?

Cryptocurrencies are already being assimilated into global financial services. Coinbase has just announced that customers can use its crypto Visa debit card through Apple Pay and Google Pay. Apple has made no secret of the fact it is looking to fully integrate crypto payments into its Apple Pay. CEO Tim Cook says his vision of the future is one in which consumers make digital-only payments.

All promising indicators that the future is crypto and Blind Experiences is an early adopter!

Blind Experiences is working on expanding the number of cryptocurrencies accepted, to make it even easier for customers to transfer crypto. But at the moment clients can use a account to make transactions.

*Survey conducted by UNiDAYS.


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