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Luxury travel agency and sustainability: a perfect marriage

At Blind Experiences we consider ourselves a luxury travel agency: we craft customized surprise journeys, especially honeymoons – and we strongly believe that honeymooners deserve a deluxe getaway. But we equally strongly believe in the importance of sustainability: at the present time, it’s something that everyone – especially travelers – should take into account.

How does luxury combine with sustainability, though? Here’s our position about this crucial topic… and here’s how your journey will look like if you choose us!

Sustainable luxury as a new traveling trend

Serge Dive, founder and CEO of This is Beyond, stated that “The world of luxury is changing. The wealthy, who were once defined by greed, are now increasingly defined by their capacity to want to make a change”.

We couldn’t agree more with him: in the past couple of years we noticed that more and more travellers care about having a positive impact on the destinations they visit. High-end end travelling doesn’t imply disrespecting the environment or community that welcomes you… rather the opposite! For us, sustainable luxury is the future of the tourism industry, and luckily we are not the only ones who think that.

As This is Beyond points out, young people are becoming more global and also more aware and careful while travelling. They are willing to spend more for an ethical accommodation or experience, as long as they can still get the comfort they’re looking for – this is where sustainable luxury comes into the picture: it really is the perfect match!

How to be a sustainable luxury travel agency

For all these reasons, not only we at Blind Experiences seek to be a luxury travel agency, but one that implements the highest standards in terms of sustainability. That means that every time we craft a bespoke trip we take into account the “4 Cs” of ethical travelling (and living): Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce. Yes, it’s going to be luxurious and epic but yes again, it’s going to be sustainable too – and this will make your journey really unforgettable and worthwhile.

Do you want to sneak into some great examples of happy marriages between luxury and sustainability?

If you’re a summer and beach lover, you will fall in love with Cempedak Private island. This unspoilt paradise is located in Indonesia and hosts bamboo villas with private pools. They established The Island Foundation with the aim of supporting the education, health and income of the local community.

Do you fancy the cold winter weather instead? Then Arctic Nomad is ideal for you: it’s an exclusive glamping secluded in majestic Greenland. Their mission is to create unforgettable moments in the nature which people are willing to travel for, while listening, learning and respecting the environment.

As a sustainable luxury travel agency, we can’t wait to partner with them – and with many more organizations – in order to let our travellers experience some incredible adventures. If you also wish to explore the world while making a positive impact – but without giving up on luxury – then contact us and let us plan your next vacation!


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