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How a modern honeymoon planner can turn every journey into a story

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Organizing your wedding and taking care of every single detail of it can be overwhelming, we know it. The good news is that you don’t need to do the same for the first holiday as newlyweds: just find a honeymoon planner that knows how to craft an unforgettable trip and put the preparation in his hands.

We believe that getting to know the agency who’s going to design your honeymoon is a crucial step for a successful journey. You want to make sure you’re choosing your “soul mate” honeymoon planner, don’t you? That’s why today we decided to share a bit more about us…

Why we love to be honeymoon planners

At Blind Experiences, we’ve been designing honeymoons for quite a long time now. Each and every one of them is special and unique, to us. Every couple has a story and every honeymoon we plan has its own story too: in fact, whenever we create one we actually feel like we’re storytellers, not just travel agents.

We’re extremely passionate about traveling ourselves, we love to keep exploring new corners of the world with curiosity and open hearts. Also, we are very romantic – that’s why we particularly love being honeymoon planners. Every surprise trip we create, every letter we write to disclose the following travel experience, every time we succeed in delivering your personal message or gift to your spouse during the trip: every one of these things makes us feel alive and fulfilled.

Getting to know you, addressing your biggest dreams and turning them into reality writing the story of the most incredible journey of your life: that’s the essence of honeymoon planning, for us.

The new trend of honeymoon planning

We experienced it ourselves: being a honeymoon planner nowadays is different from a few years back. It’s not just about organizing a trip: it feels more like performing an art, based on the human connection established with the couple. And we love this approach! We – you and us – are all part of the same community of travelers who share values and passions.

Modern honeymoon planning is a matter of trust: couples like you look for a knowledgeable travel designer, capable of arranging not just “a great trip” but the best travel experience ever. When they find it, all they can do is trust the flow and prepare to live a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

How we keep up to date

On our side, we try to be like the best barman in the top speakeasy bars in New York City: matching the most memorable destinations and activities with the desires and personalities of the couple.

In addition to that, we choose to stay as connected as we can to Mother Nature and the communities of our selected destinations. We personally look for sustainable – yet high end – partners, and commit to their projects. We do whatever we can to make you have the time of your life while still respecting and protecting our planet and the people who inhabit it.

We’re going to take you off the beaten track in a way that you will never forget: that’s our promise, as honeymoon planners who adore what they do.


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