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Honeymoon in Greece, a romantic and exciting adventure

Today we want to share with you the story of one of “our” couples, Mykayla and Evan, and of their honeymoon in Greece. But we’re going to start from the end, through the words of the bride:

“Blind Experiences is 100% worth the excitement, risk and allure they represent!”

Why are we starting from here? Not to brag, believe us, but because this is what makes our hearts beat: the happiness of our travelers and the idea of helping them live an unforgettable experience. Literally.

honeymoon in greece samaria gorge

Evan, Mykayla and the birth of a surprise honeymoon

When this smiling and energetic American couple started to plan their honeymoon, they realized that they weren’t able to pick a destination. Too many travel dreams, too many passions: they didn’t know where to start, and that’s why they contacted Blind Experiences.

We took up the challenge once again and, as excited as they were, we started to put all the puzzle pieces together. They were huge nature lovers, with a passion for hiking in the mountains and also for swimming in the bluest seas. They were looking for breathtaking landscapes but also for fascinating culture, without forgetting good food and – of course – that right amount of comfort and luxury that suits a journey like this.

We crossed this information with everything else we learned about them through our questionnaire and calls, and we came to a very clear conclusion: they would go on a surprise honeymoon in Greece!

surprise honeymoon in greece

Honeymoon in Greece: itinerary and highlights

Since it was a mystery holiday, all enclosed in our ten precious envelopes, Mykayla and Evan didn’t find out about the destination until the very last minute. They couldn’t be happier of it, because they had been dreaming of Greece for a long time: it was a location that perfectly summed up all of their biggest passions. And it was the ideal time of the year to visit it, too: May.

Their trip started in Athens, the heart of Ancient Greece, where they could dive deep into history and culture with a private guided tour of the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum. Then they moved to Crete, the island inhabited by the legendary Minotaur, where they had the chance to enjoy one of their greatest loves: hiking. The Samaria Gorge, the longest in Europe, was waiting for them to discover its thousand-years-old trees and freshwater springs and fill their eyes with incredible views. Last – but definitely not least – on their closing night, back in Athens, they were treated to a delicious and extremely romantic dinner at the cozy Aleria Restaurant. The last surprise for them was the exchange of love messages that they wrote to one another and entrusted to us. We kept them secret until that moment: the ideal setting where to reveal them and cherish their love once again.

In between each step of their honeymoon in Greece, they could savor the pleasure of elegant and luxurious hotels where to relax after intense adventure days, simply enjoying each other’s company.

Dear Mykayla and Evan, we wish you a future as bright as the smiles on your faces, and a marriage as strong as the emotions you felt on your wedding day. It was a joy to help you turn your honeymoon dreams into reality.


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