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Honeymoon destination: pick the right one with these 5 tips!

If you’re about to get married, you surely can’t wait for your honeymoon to happen. What can be a better reward than a dreamy couple vacation, after months spent planning your Big Day?

Actually, picking the best honeymoon destination and organizing the trip can be challenging too – it won’t be “just a holiday”, but the first holiday of your married life. You certainly want it to be perfect… that’s why we thought we might help you deal with the first step: choosing the right honeymoon destination.

It will be easy if you follow these tips!

Tip 1: Time

When you choose your honeymoon destination, you have to consider a couple different things related to time.

First of all: how long will your trip last? The length will impact the destination… but even the time of the year will! Different seasons call for different weather – and you should take that into consideration when choosing where to go.

Tip 2: Desires

This is the time to let all of your likes and dislikes out! Think of every possible aspect related to the journey:

  1. What transportation do you want to use and how long should the trip be?

  2. What kind of scenery do you want to see? Is it a white sand tropical beach or a city skyline?

  3. What vibes are you looking for? Absolute relax or night parties?

  4. What kind of accommodation would you like? Are you a glamping person or a luxury resort lover?

  5. What activities do you want to share with your spouse? Indulging in delicious local food or hiking in the lush jungle?

In case you lack fantasy – but we’re sure you won’t – you can find lots of inspiration in travel blogs!

Tip 3: Budget

Before choosing your honeymoon destination, you need to set a budget. You don’t want to dream of a location you can’t afford – or to keep dreaming of a place that you could actually discover!

Don’t worry if you later find out that your budget isn’t enough for what you chose: you’re still in time to change some variables and adjust your plans.

Tip 4: Lists!

After brainstorming about the previous three points, it’s time to make lists! If you want to turn this into a game, you and your fiancé should make two separate lists of honeymoon destinations and see where they overlap. Then narrow down to your three favorite locations and do some research on them before making the final decision.

Of course, this is not the end: after the choice comes the planning – you don’t want your honeymoon to be a last minute random trip, right?

Tip 5: Surprise!

What if you don’t have time to organize your honeymoon? What if you’re tired of planning, after the whole wedding thing? What if you simply can’t make up your mind about the honeymoon destination?

Well, you can have someone else decide the destination, plan the journey and then… surprise you! If you’ve never heard of surprise honeymoons, you should definitely dig deeper and connect with your surprise travel agent.

The honeymoon destination is the place where you start creating unforgettable memories of your married life, so make sure to pick something very special. What could be more exciting than a surprise destination?


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