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Game of Thrones Honeymoon: 5 astonishing locations to include in your itinerary

There’s something about Game of Thrones that drives everyone crazy. It might be the majesty of those enchanted lands or the fascinating tales of yesteryear – what’s sure is that the whole world fell in love with the greatest TV show of all time.

That’s why we decided to dedicate this article to all the fans of the series out there who are getting married soon. Why not embark on an absolutely unique Game of Thrones honeymoon?

You would have the chance to visit all the incredible GoT locations, living the greatest adventure of your life together with your better half. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? So don’t waste any more time: find out where your honeymoon should head!

#1: Iceland

Let the journey start in the cold, magical and wild Iceland. This is the place where Jon Snow joined the Night’s Watch and later became Lord Commander of the squad. No wonder George R. R. Martin chose to call his novels “A Song of Ice and Fire”: he was probably thinking about this breathtaking island when he wrote the vicissitudes of GoT.

You’ll have the chance to explore these windy territories driving along the Ring Road and walking through the volcanoes, waterfalls and black beaches of Iceland. Are you in?

#2: Northern Ireland

Your Game of Thrones honeymoon continues in Northern Ireland, which makes the perfect setting for a fantasy series. Land of Druids, gnomes and fairies, Northern Ireland boasts a tradition that dates back to ancient times and still survives today.

That’s why GoT producers chose this place as one of their favorite locations. The Dark Hedges of King’s Road, in particular, have gained popularity since Arya Stark tried to escape from Kings Landing in Season 2. Wouldn’t you like to take a stroll along that astonishing road?

#3: Spain

Time to give your Game of Thrones honeymoon a little twist. Enough with rainy and cold places: it’s time to explore the Spanish locations that took center stage from Season 5. Have you ever heard of Las Bardenas Reales Natural Park? Located in Navarre – a region in the North of Spain – it’s home to the Khalasars, the famous horse-riding warriors that appeared in Season 6.

But there’s more: Seville, Cordoba and Girona were chosen thanks to the Arabic influence that characterizes their architecture and atmosphere. The Alcázar’s Courtyard of the Maidens in Seville, for example, was the setting for House Martell’s Water Gardens and Sand Snakes. Who would have thought?

#4: Croatia

Dubrovnik, the capital of Croatia, has been part of GoT since Season 2. Its walls were used as the setting for the battle of Blackwater, and also for the famous Kings Landing, home of the iron throne.

We are sure you will recognize so many places you’ve seen on TV. So, yes: you should definitely include Croatia in your Game of Thrones honeymoon itinerary!

#5: Greece

Fun fact: the Eyrie Castle was digitally mastered into the show, but GoT creators took inspiration from a very precise place located in Central Greece. We’re talking about Meteora, a series of rock pinnacles topped by monasteries. It’s a place that deserves a visit because it looks almost unreal: no wonder that it’s a UNESCO World Heritage!

If you’re dying to leave right away for your Game of Thrones honeymoon, know that we totally understand you. And if you want to make it even more special, keeping the itinerary and activities secret until the very last minute, you can count on us: contact us and we’ll design an unforgettable journey to celebrate your wedding!


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