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Family moon: when children are part of the wedding picture!

Have you ever heard the term “family moon”? No, it doesn’t refer to taking your loved ones on the Earth’s satellite – it’s way easier than that, but still loaded with excitement!

Find out more about this honeymoon trend, which is becoming more and more popular.

What’s a family moon?

As the name suggests, a family moon is basically a honeymoon with family – because who said that you can’t have a romantic holiday with your husband or wife and your children, too?

Yes, the traditional honeymoon is meant to be a private love bubble where the newlyweds enjoy each other’s company without any kind of external interference.

But what happens when children get into the picture? Maybe because you got married after having a baby, or perhaps because it’s your second marriage and you already had kids from the previous one. Of course you don’t want to keep them out from your “wedding experience” – honeymoon included.

That’s why more and more couples decide to give up on tradition and have a family moon instead!

Family moon: destinations and ideas

Of course, if you opt for a family moon, the choice of the destination is crucial. Not only will you comply to your personal desires, but you will also need to consider which destinations are actually family friendly – or at least appealing to your children, so that everyone can have a fabulous time.

You could go for an easy solution, like an all-inclusive cruise or a trip to a theme park – who would say no to Disneyworld? Or maybe you’re picturing a more adventurous family moon – camping in a national park in the U.S., traveling on the road around Europe, looking for lions and zebras on a safari in South Africa. In that case, don’t forget about relaxing, at some point: you don’t want to be back from your family moon feeling more tired than when you left!

Turn your family moon into the best game ever

What if you want to gift yourself, your spouse and your kids with a really unique family moon? What if, after planning a whole wedding, you don’t have the time or will to think about all the details of the honeymoon?

“Can’t I just enjoy an amazing vacation with my family, without having to worry about a single thing?” – you might wonder. The answer is: yes, we’ve got you covered – a surprise family moon is just what you need!

All you have to do is contact us, tell us all of your dreams and desires, wait for the 10 envelopes we’re going to send you and then… enjoy the most incredible adventure of your whole life, together with the people you love the most!

Your children will love it as they love the best game ever – discovering its steps envelope after envelope. You will adore the look on their face every time they dive into a new experience – besides loving the experiences yourself, of course!

You will feel like you’re living in a dream come true: that’s the magic of a surprise family moon – and we can’t wait to use our magic powers for you!


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