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And the award for the best surprise honeymoon destinations goes to…

We are often asked what the most exciting surprise honeymoon destinations are, so we thought it would be nice to write an article about it. But be prepared: first and foremost we think that, when it comes to mystery travels, there’s no right or wrong – and not even a real “best” or “worst”.

What you’ll read is what guides us every time we design a new journey… and yes, we’ll also disclose our preferences when it comes to honeymoon destinations. But be aware that the answer might surprise you!

Surprise honeymoon: why is it so exciting?

After planning the whole wedding, the last thing you want to do is to spend more time planning. Guess what: embarking on a mystery honeymoon keeps you from facing that second part – and we believe this is already a pretty good reason to choose this kind of trip!

Also, not knowing your surprise honeymoon destination allows you to be more open and engage more in the explorations. Basically you get to go back to the real roots of travel, focusing on what matters the most and enjoying the present moment at the fullest – that’s the power of surprises.

When we have to choose the surprise destination for our honeymooners, we always opt for something that can enrich and transform them. We look for places but mostly for stories, we think about activities but primarily about people, because we know that human connection is the key to turn a special couple vacation into an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Our favorite surprise honeymoon destinations

“You are the destination!” – that’s what we often say to our couples and what we deeply believe. Planet Earth is so full of amazing locations, each of which can give to those who visit something valuable to bring back with them. That’s why we love designing trips anywhere in the world – from Bhutan to Galapagos and everything in between!

And we also love witnessing your reaction when you unveil the mystery. Take for example Kelsey and Mike, who were certain that their surprise honeymoon destination was Las Vegas… but it actually turned out to be Japan! They wrote us: “We never want to plan a trip again. It was the trip of a lifetime for us, and we would 200% do it again”. We are pretty sure they were happy with the choice of their honeymoon location… don’t you think?

Of course the setting is not the only variable that plays a role, and that’s why we put a lot of thought into every single detail of the holiday we design for our couples. But we can for sure say that the best surprise honeymoon destinations are those that deconstruct your expectations, leaving you speechless. Those that are chosen specifically for you and meet your fantasies so well that they actually end up surpassing them. Those that welcome you with open arms, and that you’d want to visit all over again as soon as the journey is over.

We have the answer to that desire: embark on a new adventure, contact us and let us plan your next surprise travel.


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