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An Amazonian adventure in Umbria!

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

This is the story of Blind Escapes first ever 'Blind Legacy' - an adventure designed to rekindle a bond between one adult and one child, by spending quality time together and making memories to last a lifetime.

Michela & Vittoria

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Mum Michela felt her daughter Vittoria was growing up before her eyes and their precious time together as parent and child was slipping away. After the difficulties of lockdowns and home-school, she wanted to do something really special to celebrate Vittora’s 10th Birthday, something that would cement their relationship and bring them closer. She asked Blind Experiences to create a Legacy weekend centred around their shared love of the great outdoors. They had a fixed budget and knew they wanted fresh air, dramatic landscapes and plenty of surprises - beyond that it was up to travel designer Chiara to create this mother and daughter celebration trip. Needless to say, their Amazonian themed adventure did not disappoint!

Breaking the wax seal on the first envelope, they discovered they were going to stay in a medieval tower in Umbria. Their suite was called the ‘Hemp Room’ after the high quality paper that was made in Italy in

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the Middle Ages and fittingly they found some high quality paper had been left on a desk for Vittoria to draw some pictures of her adventures to give to her sister Olivia.

Over an unforgettable meal that night Michela and Vittoria excitedly opened their next envelope to discover…...not just a surprise, but their dream come true! An adventure on horseback, awaits and they’ll discover what it was like to live as Amazonian warriors!

Amazons were ferocious females, who lived at the times of the ancient Greeks and were so famed for living without men and riding wild horses that their name has echoed down the centuries!

They ride at the Sibillini Ranch Experience in Castelluccio di Norcia where owners Emiliano and Manuela take them on a wild ride on their beautiful horses, who graze freely across a vast plateau. This area is so remote and the air so fresh it is known locally as ‘little Tibet.”

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After an exhilarating ride they have appetites fit for Amazonians and wolf down lunch at a local ‘agroturismo’ (farm with good food) and then it’s time to walk the path of the fairies to Marmore Falls, built by the Romans and to discover the legends of gods, nymphs and shepherds.

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Michela and Vittoria were blown away by their Legacy birthday adventure. According to Michela their Blind Legacy was an exceptional way to surprise themselves and bring an element of unexpected joy to Vittoria’s birthday. She says:

“It’s been a long time since I was so excited about a trip. Thanks Chiara, thanks Blind Experiences!”

You can find out more about their adventures across our social media channels or click here to start creating your own Blind Legacy Experience.


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