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7 things you absolutely can’t miss when you travel to Bhutan

In a world that is more and more globalized, Bhutan stands out because of its authenticity.

This land opened to tourism less than 50 years ago, and cares so much about preserving its true soul that prefers quality to quantity. This translates into a high fee that any traveler has to pay if he wants to visit the country: it ranges between 200 and 290 dollars a day.

“Is it really worth it?”, you might wonder. The answer is: undoubtedly, yes! And you will understand why as soon as you read the following things that you can’t miss when you travel to Bhutan.

1. Tiger’s Nest Monastery

This iconic place is the first must-see on your travel to Bhutan. It’s a centuries-old Buddhist monastery, clinging on the rocky slope of a mountain. You need to trek in a shady and beautiful forest for about 45 minutes in order to reach it, but the sight from there will be well worth the effort!

2. Punakha Dzong

Dzongs are administrative buildings and monks’ accommodations, and Punakha (also called The Palace of Happiness) is the most majestic one – which means that you have to visit it when you travel to Bhutan! You can walk around it, admiring the surroundings but especially enjoying the energy and calm of this place.

3. A trek in the Himalayas

Way quieter than the Nepalese trails, the treks that you can undertake in Bhutan are equally – if not more – thrilling. They range from 2 to 25 days and suit all kinds of athletic skills: just make sure you don’t miss one… it will leave you speechless!

4. A religious festival

What’s your travel to Bhutan without a religious festival (called tshechu)? Nothing! There are a lot of them, all over the country: just pick the one that’s more convenient based on your itinerary. You’ll get the chance to see the whole community gathering in a sea of colors, to witness the mask dances and to receive blessings.

5. The Temple of Divine Madman

What you might not know, before traveling to Bhutan, is that they also have some weird traditions. You can experience an example of them at the Temple of Divine Madman, where they will beat you in the head with a wooden penis… as a blessing for fertility, of course!

6. The National Stadium

No, it’s not a football court: it’s an archery court – because this is the national sport of Bhutan! It will be very likely for you to see a competition going on there, and the skills of the archers will surely impress you. If you’re lucky enough, you will be able to try yourself.

7. The lovely locals

The local communities are still not used to foreign tourist, so they are curious, friendly and usually open to be models for your photos. Just remember to ask for permission – but also spend some time with them: their smiles will enrich you!

This is just a bit of what this amazing and unique country has to offer. We warmly suggest you to consider it as your next destination… to be honest, we actually can’t wait to organize your travel to Bhutan!


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