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3 unique hotels in Bali, Indonesia, that will take your breath away

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Raise your hand if, at least once, you found yourself dreaming about escaping to an exotic land in the middle of the ocean! The Island of the Gods is the perfect destination if you’re looking for gorgeous greenery, wild waters, deeply-rooted cultural traditions and a touch of magic.

Of course, going with your loved one makes the trip already special – but if you get to stay in one of these unique hotels in Bali, Indonesia, you will never forget the experience!

Are you ready to be left speechless?

Capella Ubud, luxury tented retreat in Bali

More than a hotel, more than a glamping: Capella Ubud Bali is a hidden paradise that will allow you to experience the essence of the island in a really unbeatable way.

The comfortably and beautifully furnished tents, nestled in the jungle of Ubud, will welcome you for a luxury camp adventure, while the private saltwater pools will deeply relax you. Food will be another big part of your experience there: whatever dining experience you choose, let the traditional flavours awaken your senses! Oh, and did we mention the signature spa treatments, the gym and all the activities you can enjoy here?

If you’re looking for an inimitable hotel in Bali, Indonesia, then Capella is the right option for you!

Bubble Hotel in Pecatu, Bali

You are so in love with your sweetheart that you feel like living in an enchanted bubble? Then you should grab him and take him with you to the Bubble Hotel in Bali, Indonesia!

Yes, it’s exactly what you’re picturing: you’re going to sleep on a comfy bed inside a huge transparent bubble, tucked between the sandy Pecatu Beach and the green surroundings. Is there anything more romantic than looking at the stars while lying on a bed with your special one… and then waking up to the sound of the ocean waves? We don’t think so!

While there, you can fill your bubble with extras that will make the atmosphere even more perfect – romantic dinners, bonfires, candles, massage… your stay in this hotel in Bali is completely customizable!

Bambu Indah eco lifestyle boutique hotel

This unique hotel in Bali, Indonesia, combines the adventurous feel of a jungle retreat with luxury and environmental sustainability. Every detail of Bambu Indah is handled with care, but you will still feel completely immersed in wild and serene nature. Each accommodation is one-of-a-kind:

  1. romantic open nests with private spring water pools and suspended nets for lounging

  2. huts with glass floors over a pond full of fish

  3. incredible bamboo, copper and glass constructions facing a river

  4. round, open platforms suspended amidst the jungle

  5. ancient Javanese houses, completely renewed and nicely furnished

Bambu Indah will wow you – and if you think that everything there is eco-friendly, sustainable and organic… you’ll love it even more!

The hotels in Bali, Indonesia, can be absolutely stunning – and we think you got an idea of it through our top 3. Now all you need to do is plan your trip there… or, even better, let Blind Experiences plan it for you: we promise it will take your breath away!


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