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A Surprise Travel Agency

with an everlasting habit to design transformative travel experiences

Blind Experiences is a boutique travel company specialising in sustainable luxury holidays and honeymoon packages with a twist. We do all the planning in secret so that every destination is a mystery and every day an exciting adventure. 

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"Each destination, hotel and activity is revealed gradually through sealed envelopes to be opened throughout the journey. There’s no choice but to immerse yourself in the surroundings and savor every moment."

- Forbes

Is it for me?

A Blind Experience is a mind-blowing surprise trip, an adventure where every day is a thrill and every destination, accommodation, activity can be experienced with fresh eyes and a sense of wonderment. 

We are passionate about curating vacations where every moment is a surprise for each traveler. We leave no stone unturned, devoting ourselves to researching thoroughly and using our insider knowledge and own experiences to create an exhilarating itinerary filled with unconventional activities, hidden gems and roads less travelled.


We believe that there is nothing better than surprise, as it is what keeps life interesting. It stimulates our imagination and keeps us engaged in the present, creating profound memories we’ll cherish forever.
We also know as a fact, that when you experience these surprises with the ones you love, you’ll be connecting like never before. Create and share long-lasting memories that will bring you even closer. Don’t just travel together, experience the world together!

So if you want to turn your holiday into an exciting, life-altering journey, than YES a Blind Experience is for you. 

What to expect

When you embark upon a Blind Experience, you should always expect:

A vacation that is not factory-made or mass-produced. A Blind Experience is a handmade journey designed especially for you. There’s nothing we love more than planning every little detail.

A trip that is unconventional, but not crazy. A Blind Experience is the perfect mix of living spontaneously and enjoying a trip mapped out day-by-day to suit you.

An adventure that is not predictable, but not out of left field. Our carefully planned experiences will match your interests and desires.

A journey that is not ordinary. Each Blind Experience will blow your mind. You’ll love every minute of exploring a new place you might never have gone to otherwise.

A voyage that is never boring. Your Blind Experience will be intriguing, but not puzzling. You’ll know every time you open an envelope to expect something that will have you feeling excited all over again.

A holiday that is not tacky. Our experiences are designed for discerning travelers, without ever being pretentious. You’ll enjoy hotels, locations and activities hand-chosen especially for you both on and off the beaten track.

With every day as exciting as the last, when the time comes to return to reality, you’ll wish your Blind Experience never has to end.

How the magic happens


Fill in our form with your basic contact information. We will contact you via email to collect more details or arrange a call to get to know you better so we can begin to create your tailor-made Blind Experience!

Our Signature Experiences

Mountain Ridge

This is why we do what we do

Mountain Ridge

"Have you ever had a vacation that felt like it went your way 100% of the time? As though the winds themselves guided you to your destination? Grant and I just had the best honeymoon anyone could ask for. Thank you Blind Experiences for planning it all, letting us just kick back and enjoy and for providing the lodging of perfection 💕"

“Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you or use your products. Change the text and add your own."

Our Story

Get to Know Us

Like most good things in life, our company was born out of love and friendship. In 2012, our best friends announced they were to get married. We decided to give them something that would surprise and challenge them and be meaningful to our friendship. So, we agreed to organize their honeymoon, but one with a key difference – it would be a Blind Honeymoon! They would know nothing about which places they would visit nor where they would stay or the activities they would undertake, until they arrived at the various destinations we had selected.

To ensure we could plan the perfect trip we sent them a questionnaire about their passions, hobbies and past travelling experiences, and then asked three simple but very important questions: which continent they’d like to visit, which time of year they wanted to go, and how much money they wanted to spend. With this information we set out to organize what would become the first of many Blind Honeymoons. Since then our business has expanded into Blind Experiences to cover luxury escapes and family vacations – but the spirit of surprise remains the same.

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