Jun, 2018

How ten secret envelopes will make your vacation unforgettable

2018-10-09T15:06:26+04:00Jun, 2018|Blog, surprise|

“To look forward to pleasure is also a pleasure” – someone said a long time ago, and we couldn’t agree more. Try to think of how you felt as a kid, on your birthday or Christmas day. As soon as you got a present in your hands, you started wondering what could possibly be wrapped [...]

Jun, 2018

What to pack for your honeymoon: the ultimate guide

2018-06-19T11:34:36+04:00Jun, 2018|Blog, honeymoon, surprise|

You planned everything related to your wedding: the ceremony, the reception, the cake, the honeymoon. Everything is ready! Well, almost everything: did you think about what to pack for your honeymoon? This might sound like a secondary detail but it’s not. You want to leave for your once-in-a-lifetime travel making sure you’re bringing everything you [...]

May, 2018

Intrepid Honeymooners discovering South America

2018-11-16T13:53:33+04:00May, 2018|BlindHoneymoon, honeymoon, Stories, surprise|

Honeymooners with a big sense of adventure, we sent Julian and Ella on an incredible journey through South America, visiting seven destinations in three different countries – each one a complete surprise. In true Blind Experiences style, they had no idea where they were headed or what each day would bring. First stop [...]

May, 2018

Blind Myanmar

2018-11-16T13:53:53+04:00May, 2018|BlindHoneymoon, honeymoon, Stories, surprise|

Heading out from their home in Geneva, we whisked business entrepreneurs and newlyweds, Damaris and Roger, to six destinations in South-East Asia. With two weeks for their honeymoon, we knew that we had to make every minute count. This meant fourteen days of endless surprises that would take [...]

May, 2018

Alternative honeymoon ideas: a surprise travel to start your marriage with a bang!

2018-05-15T14:43:46+04:00May, 2018|Blog, honeymoon, surprise|

Are you looking for alternative honeymoon ideas that can boost the beginning of your married life? Then you’re definitely in the right (secret) place! We know that planning a wedding is not easy – it takes time, energy and sometimes it can drive you crazy. You strive to find the perfect location, the best dress [...]

May, 2018

Top 5 quirky honeymoon destinations for unconventional lovers

2018-05-22T15:14:02+04:00May, 2018|Blog, honeymoon, surprise|

You’re organizing a wedding unlike any other, a celebration that you and your guests will remember forever. What if you also want to have the most unusual holiday ever? Here’s the top 5 quirky honeymoon destinations where you and your brand new spouse can set your unconventional love free! Enjoy the Northern Lights from your [...]

May, 2018

What if it was…. Argentina!

2018-11-20T13:47:06+04:00May, 2018|BlindHoneymoon, honeymoon, Stories, surprise|

Touching the most authentic wildlife It’s always nice to meet a couple that cares deeply about the natural world. Alex is a massive animal lover and wanted to get up close and personal with some wildlife on their honeymoon, whilst Thomas loves natural landscapes and wanted to experience natural beauty. As [...]

Apr, 2017

30 & fabulous blind weekend

2018-11-16T13:57:13+04:00Apr, 2017|BlindAnniversary, Stories, surprise|

Let's tell the truth, everyone's dream is to celebrate their milestone Birthdays in a special way, a way that will be remembered forever. And the perfect way usually involves: your closest friends magic location experiences that will create everlasting memories This was Ilaria's 30th & Fabulous Blind Experience. 30 [...]

Mar, 2017

Welcome to Norway

2019-02-21T18:47:48+04:00Mar, 2017|BlindAnniversary, honeymoon, Stories, surprise|

Road to the North.....Discovering the land of the Trolls A wedding anniversary is always cause for a celebration and what better way to celebrate than an adventure into the unknown? We planned a blind experience for Sabrina and Pierpaolo designed to surprise and delight them at every turn, [...]

Dec, 2016

Treasure hunters in the Philippines

2019-02-21T18:50:55+04:00Dec, 2016|BlindHoneymoon, honeymoon, Stories, surprise|

When Luigi and Zineb, a gorgeous couple who met at the global shaping community, asked us to plan their blind honeymoon we knew exactly where to send them – the Philippines! With fourteen days to fill with surprises, we took Luigi and Zineb on the adventure of a lifetime [...]