May, 2018

Alternative honeymoon ideas: a surprise travel to start your marriage with a bang!

May, 2018|Blog, honeymoon, surprise|

Are you looking for alternative honeymoon ideas that can boost the beginning of your married life? Then you’re definitely in the right (secret) place! We know that planning a wedding is not easy – it takes time, energy and sometimes it can drive you crazy. You strive to find the perfect location, the best dress [...]

May, 2018

Top 5 quirky honeymoon destinations for unconventional lovers

May, 2018|Blog, honeymoon, surprise|

You’re organizing a wedding unlike any other, a celebration that you and your guests will remember forever. What if you also want to have the most unusual holiday ever? Here’s the top 5 quirky honeymoon destinations where you and your brand new spouse can set your unconventional love free! Enjoy the Northern Lights from your [...]

May, 2018

What if it was…. Argentina!

May, 2018|BlindHoneymoon, honeymoon, Stories, surprise|

Touching the most authentic wildlife It’s always nice to meet a couple that cares deeply about the natural world. Alex is a massive animal lover and wanted to get up close and personal with some wildlife on their honeymoon, whilst Thomas loves natural landscapes and wanted to experience natural beauty. As [...]

Dec, 2016

Treasure hunters in the Philippines

Dec, 2016|BlindHoneymoon, honeymoon, Stories, surprise|

When Luigi and Zineb, a gorgeous couple who met at the global shaping community, asked us to plan their blind honeymoon we knew exactly where to send them – the Philippines! With fourteen days to fill with surprises, we took Luigi and Zineb on the adventure of a lifetime [...]

Jan, 2016

From the clouds to the abyss

Jan, 2016|BlindHoneymoon, honeymoon, Stories|

From the clouds to the abyss The audacious Valentina and Corrado needed a honeymoon that was going to challenge their adventurous spirit. Also professional divers with a hunger for experiencing other cultures, we decided to wow Valentina and Corrado with a trip like no other. A trip [...]