Jul, 2019

Surprise honeymoon: the best way to kick-start your marriage

Jul, 2019|Blog, Travel with love|

Blind Experiences was born from a surprise honeymoon: that’s the first trip we planned, as a gift for our best friends’ wedding. Honeymoons are still among our favorite vacations to design, and in each of them we put the same care that we used for the very first one. More and more people are choosing [...]

Jun, 2019

Game of Thrones Honeymoon: 5 astonishing locations to include in your itinerary

Jun, 2019|Blog, Travel different, Travel with love|

There’s something about Game of Thrones that drives everyone crazy. It might be the majesty of those enchanted lands or the fascinating tales of yesteryear - what's sure is that the whole world fell in love with the greatest TV show of all time. That's why we decided to dedicate this article to all the [...]

May, 2019

Unusual honeymoon: 5 of the best sustainable destinations in the world

May, 2019|Blog, Travel with love|

Let’s be honest: one of the best parts of getting married is the romantic journey that awaits you. And we’re not just speaking figuratively! So why not start this new chapter of your lives with an unusual honeymoon? We chose 5 different destinations that stand out from the crowd for their sustainable approach to tourism. [...]

Apr, 2019

Beach honeymoon destinations: discover the 7 best ones!

Apr, 2019|Blog, Travel with love|

Your wedding is approaching – and so is your honeymoon! You’re so excited to be finally tying the knot with the love of your life… but the thing you’re especially looking forward to is the romantic vacation that is waiting for you right after the Big Day. All you wish for is total relax with [...]

Mar, 2019

The 3 best honeymoon resorts… with a heart!

Mar, 2019|Blog, Travel with love|

When you think of the typical honeymoon, what comes to your mind is probably a luxury all-inclusive resort on some island surrounded by turquoise sea. As you might know, though, we’re all but typical – and so is our idea of travel! That’s why today we want to show you the 3 best honeymoon resorts [...]

Feb, 2019

Mini moon mania: the growing trend for honeymooners

Feb, 2019|Blog, Travel with love|

What’s a mini moon and why should you have one? What are the advantages of this solution? Why is it such a fast-growing trend? How can you get the most out of it? This article will satisfy your curiosity and light you up, especially if you’re about to get married and you’re looking for alternative [...]

Jan, 2019

Honeymoon trends for 2019: 7 ideas to have the trip of a lifetime

Jan, 2019|Blog, Travel with love|

As much as you’ve been waiting for (and planning) your wedding day, you’ve probably also been daydreaming about your honeymoon since you got engaged. How can we blame you?! That’s our favourite part too! Since we don’t want you to have just an average vacation, here’s a list of the 7 top honeymoon trends for [...]

Dec, 2018

How to have the unforgettable honeymoon you’ve always dreamt of

Dec, 2018|Blog, Travel with love|

“A dream is a wish your heart makes” - Cinderella used to sing...  and we couldn’t agree more with her! You surely have been dreaming of your honeymoon since the very first moment of your engagement, haven’t you? Now that you are planning your wedding, it’s time to make those wishes come true and turn [...]

Nov, 2018

Honeymoon planning with a twist: how to create the trip of a lifetime

Nov, 2018|Blog, Travel with love|

Weddings are all about planning – ceremony, reception, dress, flowers, food, cake, music, decorations… you have to take care of every single detail in order to make your Big Day really special. But what about the honeymoon? Yes, that requires some arrangements too – well, actually more than just some. Your honeymoon isn’t like any [...]

Nov, 2018

Honeymoon destination: pick the right one with these 5 tips!

Nov, 2018|Blog, Travel with love|

If you’re about to get married, you surely can’t wait for your honeymoon to happen. What can be a better reward than a dreamy couple vacation, after months spent planning your Big Day? Actually, picking the best honeymoon destination and organizing the trip can be challenging too – it won’t be “just a holiday”, but [...]