Jul, 2019

Sustainable tourism: when traveling is caring

Jul, 2019|Blog, Travel different, Travel with us|

As avid travelers and as surprise travel agents, we at Blind Experiences care a lot about sustainable tourism. You’ve probably often heard words like “sustainable” or “eco-friendly”, in the last months or years, haven’t you? Sometimes they pop up just because they are trendy, but they could mean a lot if every person who pronounces [...]

Jun, 2019

Game of Thrones Honeymoon: 5 astonishing locations to include in your itinerary

Jun, 2019|Blog, Travel different, Travel with love|

There’s something about Game of Thrones that drives everyone crazy. It might be the majesty of those enchanted lands or the fascinating tales of yesteryear - what's sure is that the whole world fell in love with the greatest TV show of all time. That's why we decided to dedicate this article to all the [...]

Feb, 2019

Sustainable travel: how to make an impact while exploring the world

Feb, 2019|Blog, Travel different|

Tourism is probably one of the largest industries in the world – and it keeps growing year after year. We’re not surprised, since we know very well how marvelous it is to explore new corners of the world. What we also know, though, is that the time has come for all of us to care [...]

Dec, 2018

How to be present when you travel: the art of enjoying it all!

Dec, 2018|Blog, Travel different|

Traveling is exciting, we know you agree with us. The hectic planning, the thrilling journey and the satisfaction when you reach the destination… and then, before even exploring it, you find yourself thinking about what’s next. The next stop, next activity to do, next time you’re going back to the place you are right now! [...]

Nov, 2018

The benefits of traveling: why wanderlust is good for you

Nov, 2018|Blog, Travel different|

Traveling can have a big impact on your life, whether you go solo or with someone, on the other side of the world or in your own country, for a few days or months. Just think of this: how often did you experience the feeling of going on a trip and coming back as a [...]