Dec, 2016

Treasure hunters in the Philippines

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When Luigi and Zineb, a gorgeous couple who met at the global shaping community, asked us to plan their blind honeymoon we knew exactly where to send them – the Philippines! With fourteen days to fill with surprises, we took Luigi and Zineb on the adventure of a lifetime [...]

Jan, 2016

From the clouds to the abyss

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From the clouds to the abyss The audacious Valentina and Corrado needed a honeymoon that was going to challenge their adventurous spirit. Also professional divers with a hunger for experiencing other cultures, we decided to wow Valentina and Corrado with a trip like no other. A trip [...]

Jul, 2015

Best honeymoon, the island of Gods, Bali

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Hanging in the forest... When you love nature and you enjoy food and cooking, you want your honeymoon to be the best of both. That’s why we decided to send Armine and Adnan to a place rich in natural beauty and famous for its phenomenal local cuisine. [...]

Jan, 2015

Twelve Apostles & Fiji

2019-02-25T13:32:19+04:00Jan, 2015|BlindHoneymoon, honeymoon, Stories|

Following the penguins When we asked Peppe and Afro what their desires for their honeymoon were, they told us that Afroditi, a gentle and sophisticated woman, wanted to experience some unusual adventures and that Peppe, a true Italian, loved making new friends and trying new food. We [...]