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Japan for two

When two dancers fall in love and get married, you know that they’ll want nothing more than the most magical honeymoon. That’s where we came in.
While this couple loves dancing, clubbing and experiencing the nightlife of fast-paced places like Ibiza, we surprised Amalia and Sergio with a blind honeymoon out of left field, creating memories to last them both a lifetime. We sent our honeymooners from Rome straight to Japan, where they got to experience some of the country’s most beautiful cities including Tokyo, Tsumago, Takayama, Kanazawa, Mt Koya, Kyoto, Shuzenji.

We planned plenty of surprises along the way, making sure that every day was as exciting as the last. This including a bike adventure tour around the ancient and mysterious city of Kyoto, and a trip across  the Ichinohashi Bridge into the fascinating Okunoin Cemetery in Mt Koya – the largest cemetery in Japan with over 200,000 tombstones. We also put Amalia and Sergio’s cooking abilities to the test with a Japanese cooking class with Chef Yoko, where they equipped themselves with new skills to wow their friends back home.

  • 14 days

  • 1 country

  • 6 destinations