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When a fun-loving American couple with a penchant for adventure get hitched and ask you to plan their honeymoon you know it’s a match made in heaven. Hearing Mike and Kelsey ask us to make sure their blind honeymoon featured things that are a little bit weird, a little bit different and definitely out of the ordinary was music to our ears. We put our heads together to plan a whirlwind trip to Japan and the Philippines, creating a bespoke honeymoon Mike and Kelsey will never forget.

Setting out from their home in Nashville, Mike and Kelsey embarked on a journey of adventure. We sent them to places in Japan they’d have never heard of and planned blind activities to blow them away. In the buzzing city of Tokyo, we surprised our newlyweds with a tour of the famous Tokyo Fish Markets, discovering Kyoto by bike while exploring the city of 1000 temples.

For something completely unexpected, we wowed our gorgeous couple with a stay at Mt Koya, a sacred place in Japan’s holiest mountains that people of all religions have been visiting for around 1,200 years. Here, amongst the beautiful scenery and Zen gardens, they enjoyed the unique experience of residing with Buddhist monks.

Then, to round off their trip and take a break with some well-earned rest and relaxation before heading back to the real world, Mike and Kelsey spent some time at the breathtaking Atmosphere Resort in the Philippines. This boutique, luxury hotel has everything you could want: a pool, a spa, fine dining options and the ocean. And for one last adventure, Mike and Kelsey decided to have the ultimate ocean activity – swimming with whales.

In the words of Mike himself, “It was the trip of a lifetime for us, and we would do 200% do it again… I couldn’t imagine a more fun experience. It was certainly one of the most fun things we’ve ever done in our years on this planet.” And we just cannot wait to craft their next adventure with us!