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Two hearts and four wheels landed in Espana…..

The most important things we learnt about Jason and Katka before we began planning their blind honeymoon were this: Jason is an excellent surfer, and Katka loves delicious food and being pampered. Where better for this adorable pair than a trip through Spain and Portugal.
We planned a blind honeymoon that explored some of the best Spain and Portugal have on offer and ticked all of Jason and Katka’s boxes.
They flew from their home in London to begin their adventure in Spain. From here, they discovered the delights of multiple Spanish and Portuguese cities including:

  • Santander, a lively urban port town and capital of the Cantabria region
  • Rodiles, a Spanish beach famous for surfing
  • Pontevedra, a small riverside city that has the perfect combination of history, culture and delicious food. Here, Jason and Katka could explore the windy lanes of The Old Town and enjoy the offerings of the many cafes and tapas bars
  • Nazare, their first stop in Portugal and a stunning seaside town
  • Alentejo, a Portuguese city that seems to have been made for Jason and Katka. It’s still relatively undiscovered, but filled with lively bars and pristine beaches
  • Lisboa, a lively and multicultural city known for its delicious food and vibrant culture
  • Algarbe, home of gorgeous beaches and fishing villages
  • Gibraltar, a British territory off the coast of Spain with the pubs and red post boxes to prove it
  • Salamanca, an ancient university town in north-western Spain, filled with incredible sandstone architecture
  • Mundaka, a picturesque surfing town where Jason got to surf
  • Bilbao, a town in Northern Spain, bursting at the seams with culture

And, for that extra bit of relaxation and pampering for Katka, we arranged wine and massages at Casal La Reina.
Finally, their blind honeymoon came to an end and Jason and Katka flew back to London where they could stop to think and soak it all up!

  • 28 days

  • 2 countries

  • 11 destinations