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May, 2019

Unusual honeymoon: 5 of the best sustainable destinations in the world

2019-05-17T06:26:48+04:00May, 2019|Blog, Travel with love|

Let’s be honest: one of the best parts of getting married is the romantic journey that awaits you. And we’re not just speaking figuratively! So why not start this new chapter of your lives with an unusual honeymoon? We chose 5 different destinations that stand out from the crowd for their sustainable approach to tourism. [...]

May, 2019

Getting to know you: the secret ingredient of Blind Experiences

2019-05-23T17:40:26+04:00May, 2019|Blog, Travel with us|

A few articles ago, we introduced the three surprise makers behind Blind Experiences – Chiara, Fabio and Andrea. Then we exactly explained how the making of a surprise vacation works, so that you know what to expect when you embark on such an unpredictable adventure. Now, we want to go beyond all this and unveil [...]

May, 2019

Surprise vacation: how to have the time of your life!

2019-05-17T14:14:42+04:00May, 2019|Blog, Travel more, Travel with us|

Have you ever dreamed of enjoying a holiday without having to plan even the smallest bite of it? A holiday where all you have to do is hop on a plane with your favorite people and chase one adventure after another? Hold on tight because we have something to announce: you can do it, thanks [...]

May, 2019

Gift for families who travel: the best you can give is…

2019-05-17T14:20:52+04:00May, 2019|Blog, Travel with family|

When a holiday or a family member’s birthday are approaching, the “present issue” always comes up. You want to find something original, useful and also really appreciated by the recipient. Something that doesn’t waste your money and at the same time doesn’t end up on a dusty shelf. In this article we want to focus [...]

Apr, 2019

Beach honeymoon destinations: discover the 7 best ones!

2019-05-17T14:21:55+04:00Apr, 2019|Blog, Travel with love|

Your wedding is approaching – and so is your honeymoon! You’re so excited to be finally tying the knot with the love of your life… but the thing you’re especially looking forward to is the romantic vacation that is waiting for you right after the Big Day. All you wish for is total relax with [...]

Apr, 2019

The essential handbook for parents who travel with kids

2019-05-20T17:51:24+04:00Apr, 2019|Blog, Travel with family|

If you are a parent, you know it: it’s not always easy to travel with kids. Yes, we agree with you: it’s totally worth it – you definitely want to include them in your adventures – but it can be challenging. The 10 tips we’re giving you on this article not only will save your [...]

Apr, 2019

7 things you absolutely can’t miss when you travel to Bhutan

2019-05-08T11:27:55+04:00Apr, 2019|Blog, Travel more|

In a world that is more and more globalized, Bhutan stands out because of its authenticity. This land opened to tourism less than 50 years ago, and cares so much about preserving its true soul that prefers quality to quantity. This translates into a high fee that any traveler has to pay if he wants [...]

Mar, 2019

The 3 best honeymoon resorts… with a heart!

2019-03-27T17:51:05+04:00Mar, 2019|Blog, Travel with love|

When you think of the typical honeymoon, what comes to your mind is probably a luxury all-inclusive resort on some island surrounded by turquoise sea. As you might know, though, we’re all but typical – and so is our idea of travel! That’s why today we want to show you the 3 best honeymoon resorts [...]

Mar, 2019

Get to know the surprise makers behind Blind Experiences!

2019-03-18T10:26:11+04:00Mar, 2019|Blog, Travel with us|

If you’re here, you probably already know – and love – Blind Experiences. But do you know who’s responsible for all of those travel adventures and surprises? Get to know the three minds behind it: here’s to you the founders of Blind Experiences – Chiara (C), Fabio (F) and Andrea (A)! What do you do [...]

Mar, 2019

Family moon: when children are part of the wedding picture!

2019-03-13T12:09:23+04:00Mar, 2019|Blog, Travel with family|

Have you ever heard the term “family moon”? No, it doesn't refer to taking your loved ones on the Earth’s satellite – it’s way easier than that, but still loaded with excitement! Find out more about this honeymoon trend, which is becoming more and more popular. What’s a family moon? As the name suggests, a [...]