Norway is a place of natural wonders. In the winter, everyone goes there to hunt the Northern Lights. In the summer, the Midnight Sun is the king of the land. Why not have an unforgettable anniversary trip there?

Surprise anniversary trips in Norway: a (love) story

Sabrina and Pierpaolo are two lovers. They love each other. They love good food, adventure and nature. And they love surprises.
For their wedding anniversary, they decided to go for an original and exciting gift: nothing could be more fitting than a surprise anniversary trip.

The – unknown, until the very last minute – destination was Norway.
They went on a tour that allowed them to unfold different shades of the country, exploring the unexpected.
They were delighted by a culinary experience in Oslo, where they had dinner in one of the best restaurants of Norway.
They went canoeing in a fjord, completely immersed in an unreal scenery.
They stayed in a stunning boutique lodge with the best views just out their window.

Nothing is better than such an journey, when it comes to celebrating love!

The Midnight Sun: a natural wonder

Imagine a never ending day. A day where sunlight is your companion 24-hours round. It’s exactly what Norwegians experience in the summer.

For the locals, the Midnight Sun is just a fact, a certainty. Every year, for a period that ranges from one to four months, the sun never sets.
But for us, not used to this phenomenon, it’s a real natural wonder.
If you go really up North, above the Arctic Circle, you will experience this amazing event: the sun actually moves towards the horizon line but it doesn’t disappear – it rises back as if it changed its mind. The result is an incredible fusion between sunset and sunrise – just take the dark part away!

Best places to catch the Midnight Sun on your anniversary trip

Since it’s your anniversary you’re celebrating, you want your trip to be really special. Although you will have never ending daylight almost everywhere in Norway in the summer, some places are better than others to experience the whole Midnight Sun magic.


This mountain, close to the city of Harstad, is named as “Norway’s most romantic place”. From here, you will be able to see the sun as it kisses the horizon before rising again. What could be more romantic than sharing this view with your loved one?

Svalbard Islands

In this wild archipelago, located between Norway and the North Pole, not only you will meet polar bears (beware, they’re not friendly!) but you will also experience the Midnight Sun. It lasts four long months at this latitude – can you even imagine how it feels like?

The North Cape

Picture a cliff overlooking the ocean: the perfect spot to enjoy the never ending alternation between sunset and sunrise in the Norwegian summer. Who cares if it’s not really the northernmost point on the European mainland: it’s astonishing anyway – and a perfect step of your anniversary trip.


Since we are romantic souls, we see the Midnight Sun as a metaphor of true love: a light that never turns off but keeps shining on and on.
All anniversary trips should include this natural wonder – don’t you think?